Frequently asked questions?

Where do I get info on the Louis Riel Vocational College?

We offer a unique cultural and educational experience. Although originally created as an "educational vehicle" for the Métis people, we are pleased to welcome all students from all backgrounds to experience what we have to offer. More info

Do you have any programs to support mature students?

In addition to the Louis Riel Vocational College, The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre offers a variety of Manitoba high school credits, both through online and independent study options. More info

Is there the availability of funding and grants?

The Louis Riel Institute administers a number of bursaries and awards on behalf of the MMF.  Working with post-secondary institutions, partners and stakeholders, the Louis Riel Institute works to ensure Métis students are informed and have ease of access to apply to these funds.  More info

What types of cultural programming is available?

We offer a variety of Métis workshops, programs, training, and tours, in multiple formats to all ages and organizations. We can travel, present in person, or teach virtually across Canada to any group or organization to help bring Métis history, heritage, and culture to you. More info

What is the Métis Languages Collaborative?

The Louis Riel Institute's Métis Languages Collaborative focuses on supporting a better understanding and appreciation of Métis languages, language reclamation and revitalization and best practices in endangered language education within the Manitoba Métis Community. More info

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