Our Programs

As the Educational Authority for the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute promotes, builds capacity and supports the heritage and history of Red River Métis in Manitoba through efficient, effective, culturally sensitive programs and activities.

Below are some examples of the programming and activities we have available.

Cultural Programming

Cultural Programming at the Louis Riel Institute focuses on meeting the needs of the community as it relates to Red River Métis culture, heritage, and history. We offer a variety of Red River Métis workshops, programs, training, and tours, in multiple formats to all ages and organizations.

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Adult Learning Centre

This is a non-traditional high school for adults who reside in Manitoba. We are committed to assisting learners in the completion of their Mature Student High School Diploma or upgrading to gain admission to post-secondary institutions. We offer a variety of Manitoba high school credits, both through in-person and online options.

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Bursaries and Awards

The Louis Riel Institute administers a number of bursaries and awards on behalf of the MMF.  Working with post-secondary institutions, partners and stakeholders, the Louis Riel Institute works to ensure Métis students are informed and have ease of access to apply to these funds.

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Research, Archives and Special Collections

The Louis Riel Institute (LRI) plays an important role in supporting a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture, heritage, and history of the Red River Métis people in Manitoba. Strong community relations have led to the accumulation of many valuable records and collections connected to the Red River Métis Nation.

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