Métis Workshops and Presentations

Métis History

Introduction to Métis History & Culture
In a dynamic and engaging way, you will learn about the Métis people. You might learn about how Manitoba was created or where the fur trade took place. You might learn how Manitoba got its name or all about river lots.

Louis Riel
Learn about the life Louis, his family, and his importance to the creation of Manitoba.

Buffalo Hunt
You will learn about how buffalo brigades and the kinscapes that shaped them caused the Métis to become the preeminent providers of the fur trade.

Métis Culture

Métis Sashes
Learn about the history of the Métis sash, where it originated from, why it was used and what the colours mean to the Métis Nation. Learn about Inkle looms and how to finger weave a small Métis sash, all supplies are included.

Métis Traditional Clothing
Learn about the history of Métis clothing, and bead work. This workshop is hands-on with dress up and a small craft or bead work. This will be determined depending on the size of the group.

Métis Spoons and Jigging
Learn the history of Métis music and dance. Play the spoons and dance the Red River Jig. We will teach you all the right moves!

Métis Family Fun Event
A daytime or evening event for your school or organization consisting of 8-10 Métis cultural and educational centres.

We will provide the activities, supplies and handouts for each centre and there is a book draw at the end!

Did You Know?

We can customize any Métis workshop, presentation, or training on Métis history or culture to suit the needs of your organization. Whether it be in French or English, one hour, half day or full day we have what you need to learn about the Métis Nation.

For more information, please contact:
Phone: 204-984-9480 or Email: lriculture@lrilearn.ca

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