LRVC - Louis Riel Vocational College

The Louis Riel Vocational College is your answer to an affordable investment in your future. We offer a unique cultural and educational experience for all our students.

Although originally created as an alternative post-secondary option for the Métis people, we are pleased to welcome all students from all backgrounds to experience what we have to offer.

Our diploma programs provide a "culture and history" component designed to promote tolerance and understanding across all cultures. We were the first to mandate these teachings as part of our diploma programs.

At our college, you are more than just another student. We are invested in your success. We understand the value of not just an education, but education that will provide you with a career for you and your family.

At the LRVC we understand that going back to school can mean a sacrifice for families and participants. We believe that this sacrifice MUST come with an achievable and realistic goal. Your success is what motivates our staff and faculty, not tuition.

Call us at 204-984-9480 or email us at today, we can get you started on the road to your career goals!

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