Little Métis Sing With Me

Little Métis Sing with Me (LMSWM) is a Métis family literacy, parent-child program, created by the Louis Riel Institute. The program incorporates family literacy, Métis history, culture and, essential skills at a family level. The families attending LMSWM celebrate Métis history and culture through rhymes, songs, books, music, dance, food, crafts, and more.

Family Literacy programs (FLP) have been shown to have many positive impacts on families and communities. The early language, positive social interaction, and bonding with family, all help to increase school readiness as children reach Grade 1. School readiness looks at not only academic readiness, but social, emotional, mental, and physical readiness. Many FLP's are run out of family centres in schools and schools report an increase in parent involvement with the school and a reduction in child anxiety upon entering Kindergarten.

LMSWM has been run in Winnipeg Libraries, Head Starts, School Family Centres, MMF Regions, MCLD, and through the St. Malo Local for 10 years. Facilitator training is available at LRI, in communities, and online.

Facilitator Training

Train to deliver this program in your school, family centre, or other family-friendly organization.

Become a Facilitator

If you want to share Métis culture with your families, while providing the many positive benefits of a family literacy program, then you are the perfect candidate to become a Little Métis Sing with Me, facilitator.

3-day training includes

  • Métis culture and history
  • Family literacy principles & essential skills with families
  • Songs, rhymes, crafts, and dances to use in the program
  • Métis children's book set and Michif language resources
  • Funding options to deliver the program in your community


We offer in-person and online training sessions.

Contact Us

For more information or to register, please contact:

Phone: 204-984-9480 or Email:

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